How a Self Storage Unit Can Help Save Space

No matter the size of your home, it can always feel like you need more space. Instead of cramming your closets, garage and other storage areas in your home, investing in a storage unit may be the better option. At Storage One, we have many different sizes of storage units that are perfect for clearing out your unused items and giving your home more room!

A self-storage unit is perfect for:

  • Clothes – We all have clothes that we save because of sentimental value, a splurge we may have made and the simple fact that we can’t get rid of certain items just yet. Clear out your closets and put your clothing in storage! We allow easy access to your items so you can fish out your old prom dress when you’re feeling nostalgic.
  • Furniture – Moving out of a new home can lead to a change in décor. Instead of throwing out your old furniture that still may have some functionality, put it in storage! This way, you can either save it for any future home you may buy or give it a place to sit as you try to sell it.
  • Sentimental Items, Decorations and More – There’s no need to have your elaborate Christmas light display take up the whole garage! A storage unit is a perfect place for decorations, old photo albums and all of those old boxes full of your kids’ drawings from kindergarten. 

Instead of letting your items sit in your home and take up room, contact Storage One today to learn more ways that we can save you space! 


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